Tips on Literature Review writing

Literature Review: useful tips for Literature Review writing.

Literature Review is a separate assignment. This type of paper is a well-organized summary of sources you have used during the research. This is a professionally structured paper which is logically related and focuses on a specific topic of your research. In order to prove relevancy of your research and sources you have used in your work it is important to create literature review paper properly. We have highlighted several points, that may be useful in your work on literature review paper writing:


  1. Clarify all the organizational aspects:
  • How many sources you should include;
  • What types of sources this should be;
  • Are there any requirements for formatting.
  1. Define your subject and scope of review.
  • Identify the general topic of your research, area.
  1. Point out all the publishing about your topic, find exemplary studies on your subject.
  2. Read the sources you have selected in order to determine their suitability to your topic.
  3. Group all the sources logically. Organize your literature in accordance to the questions each particular source answers.

Writing review:

  1. Include brief and clear introduction to your literature review paper. Information in this part of review paper covers an overview of the main questions of your research.
  • What is your subject;
  • What sources you have investigated;
  • Why this question is important;
  • Is this question actual.
  1. Provide facts and evidences confirmed by quotations, if necessary.
  2. Include your personal opinion on the matter, opposing viewpoint and arguments. It is important to show that there is an alternative meaning, which is different from your personal one.
  3. Make a conclusion. Summarize major contribution of the studies to the matter under inquiry.


  1. Make your literature review logically-structured.
  2. Divide literature review in to three parts: introduction, body and conclusion.
  3. Use formal and academic style, present tenses and plain sentence constructions.
  4. Separate every question in to new paragraph, in order to make your text logical and more easy to understand.

Literature review writing is a complex of research and analysis, it requires time and full involvement in to the topic of research. That is why, if you are interested in literature review paper, however you do not have enough time to complete this task, you may ask for professional literature review writing our specialists. Also, we have 24/7 support center, where you can find answers to all the questions you are interested in.

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